Tripp Lite B126-002 2-Port HDMI over Cat5/6 Extender/Splitter, Box-Style Transmitter

Owner’s Manual

For B126-002. Also, The document are for others Tripp Lite models: B126-1A1, B126-1A1-WP, B126-004, B126-1P0, B126-1P0-MINI, B126-1P0-WP-1, B126-1A0, B126-1A0-WP-1, B126-110

PDF File Manual, 84 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

B126-002 photo
Owner’s Manual
HDMI over Cat5 Extenders
and Extender/Splitters
Extender Kit Models: B126-1A1 and B126-1A1-WP
Local Unit Models: B126-002 and B126-004
Remote Unit Models: B126-1P0, B126-1P0-MINI,
B126-1P0-WP-1, B126-1A0, B126-1A0-WP-1 and B126-110
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