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Hoover FH13000 Powerdash Go Pet Spot Cleaner - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

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User manual Vacuum Cleaner for Hoover FH13000

Table of contents

  • Safety Instructions
  • Product Duide
  • Before You Begin Cleaning
  • Getting Started
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty


Do not clean over floor electrical outlets. Water will drip from the tool after use and may puddle. To avoid damage to wood and laminate flooring and to avoid potential slip hazard, after use (a) do not leave the product on wood and laminate surfaces and move to a hard surface and (b) place unit on an absorbent material (such as a towel) to soak up drips.
Continue using dry strokes until little water is visible passing through the nozzle. For best results, HOOVER® recommends rinsing carpet with water only. This removes residual carpet cleaning solution. Fill Solution Tank with water and repeat. For heavily soiled areas, repeat. Avoid saturating carpet.

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NOTE: Empty Dirty Water Tank when the motor sound becomes higher pitched and there is a loss in suction (see “Automatic shut-off”). You will also see the float rise and shut off suction at the same time.


  • Power cord not firmly plugged into outlet.
  • Plug unit in firmly.
  • Cleaner won’t pick-up or low suction Dirty Water Tank is not installed correctly.

Review Placing Dirty Water Tank in base of cleaner.

  • Dirty Water Tank is full.
  • Empty Dirty Water Tank.
  • Dirty Water Tank is clogged.
  • Clean Dirty Water Tank.
  • Air path is clogged.
  • Remove Hose and Flush out with Clean Water.
  • Water escaping from Cleaner
  • Dirty Water Tank is full.
  • Empty Dirty Water Tank.
  • Dirty Water tank is not installed correctly.

Review Placing Dirty Water Tank in base of cleaner.

  • Solution Tank not installed properly.
  • Review Solution Tank Installation.
  • Cleaner won’t dispense
  • Hose nozzle will not spray after filling the Clean Water Tank or Detergent Container.
  • Air is trapped in the pump and hose.
  • Turn on the cleaner. If hose does not spray, prime the pump by lowering the hose down to the floor and hold the trigger for up to 1 minute.

Motor noise be

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Hoover FH13000 Questions and Answers

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When I turn my vacuum on the wash and dry light come on together and won’t go off. They are both lit up at the same time and the vacuum won’t spray or suck water. What’s wrong with it?
If both lights are on and blinking than they are indicating a jam with the brush roll of your SmartWash. To fix this, refer to the maintenance and troubleshooting sections of your user manual. If both lights are on and solid than they are indicating your SmartWash has overheated and it needs to be left off to cool down for thirty minutes. If you are still having a problem, please reach out to Hoover Customer support by visiting and leaving us a message.

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