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USER MANUAL Condenser Dryer


Cleaning the Dryer

● Clean the filter and empty the water container after every drying cycle.

● Regularly clean the condenser.

● After each period of use, wipe the inside of the drum and leave the door open for a while to allow circulation of air to dry it.

● Wipe the outside of the machine and the door with a soft cloth.

● DO NOT use abrasive pads or cleaning agents.

● To prevent the door sticking or the build up of lint clean the inner door and gasket with a damp cloth after every drying cycle.


The water removed from the laundry during the drying cycle is collected in a container inside the door of the dryer. When the container is full the indicator on the control panel will light, and the container MUST be emptied. However, we recommend that the container is emptied after each drying cycle.

NOTE: Very little water will collect during the first few cycles of a new machine as an internal reservoir is filled first.

To Remove the Container

1. Gently pull out the water container holding the handle. (A) When it is full the water container will weigh about 6 kg.

2. Tilt the water container to empty the water out through the spout. (B)

When empty, replace the water container back as shown; (C) first insert the base of the container into position as shown (1) then gentle push the top into position (2).

3. Press Button to restart the cycle.

NOTE: If you have the option of drainage near to the dryer you can use the discharge kit to provide a permanent drainage for the water collected in in the container of the dryer. This means that you don't have to empty the water container.


  1. Open the door and load the drum with laundry. Ensure that garments do not hinder closure of the door.
  2. Gently close the door pushing it slowly until you hear the door 'click' shut.
  3. Turn the Programme Selector dial to select the required drying programme (see Programme Guide).
  4. Press the button. The dryer will start automatically and the indicator above the button will be continuously lit.
  5. If the door is opened during the programme to check the laundry, it is necessary to press to recommence drying after the door has been closed.
  6. When the cycle is nearing completion the machine will enter the cool down phase, the clothes will be tumbled in cool air allowing the load to cool down.
  7. Following the completion of the cycle the drum will rotate intermittently to minimize creasing. This will continue until the machine is switched OFF or the door is opened.


Pull on handle to open the door.

To restart the dryer, close the door and press Start / Pause button.


IMPORTANT: To maintain the efficiency of the dryer check that the lint filter is clean before each drying cycle.

1. Pull the filter upwards.

2. Open filter as shown.

3. Gently remove lint using a soft brush or your fingertips.

4. Snap the filter together and push back into place.

Filter Care Indicator

Lights when the filter needs cleaning.

If the laundry is not drying check that the filter is not clogged.

To Remove the Condenser

1.Remove the kickplate.

2.Turn the two locking levers anti-clockwise and pull out the condenser.

3.Pull out the condenser unit.

4.Gently remove any dust or lint with a cloth, then wash the unit by holding it under a running tap turning it so that water flows between the plates, to remove any dust or lint.

5.Check the gasket position after cleaning . Fit the gasket in to the groove if it is misaligned.

6.Refit the condenser ensuring it is in the correct way ( a s indicated by the arrow) and pushed firmly into place. Lock the two levers by turning them clockwise.Be sure that condenser unit fixed to the basement tightly

7. Refit the kickplate.


A-Programme Selector - Rotating the knob in both directions it's possible to select the desired drying program. To cancel the selections or switch off the dryer rotate the knob on OFF.

B- Display Digit - The display shows the remaining time for drying, the postponed time in case of delayed start selection and other notifications setting.

C-Buttons -

1.Start/Pause Button

To start the selected program and/or suspend it.

2.Delay Start Button

Delay the start of a program from 1 to 24 hours, the time will increase in 1 hour intervals. The delay start selected will be shown on the display. To begin the delay start press the start button, time until the cycle beings will be display, decreasing each hour. If the door is opened while delay start is set the delay start countdown will pause, to resume press the start button once the door has been closed.

3.Time cycle selection

It's possible to modify the time-cycle up to 3 minutes after the cycle start (cycle will change from automatic to programmed).

The progressive pressure of this button increases the time-cycle by 10 minutes intervals. After this selection, to reset the automatic drying functioning, is necessary to switch off the dryer. In case of incompatibility, all LEDs flash quickly 3 times.

4.Drying Selection Button

It allows to set the desired dryness level editable option up to 5 minutes after the starting of the cycle:

Ready to Iron : It leaves the garments slightly wet to facilitate ironing.

Dry Hanger : To get garment ready to be hang

Dry wardrobe : For laundry that can be directly stored

Extra-dry : To get completely dry garments, ideal for full load.

5.Rapids Button

If an automatic program has been selected it can be changed to Rapid program within the first 3 minutes of a cycle. The progressive pressure increases the time(30-45-59minutes). If the load is incompatible all LEDs will flash quickly 3 times, the dryer will need to be turned off and an automatic drying function selected.

6.Best Ironing

This feature reduces folds and creases as the drum alternates direction during and after the cycle. This option can be selected within the first 5 minutes of the cycle, it will only activate on automatic cycles.


This feature allows the options selected on a cycle to be stored. To store, during the cycle push the "memory" button for 3 seconds, the memory light on the display will flash 3 times indicating that the selected options have been stored. To use saved options, selected the desired cycle and then push the "memory" button.

8. Keylock

This feature prevents unwanted changes during the drying cycle. To activate or remove, push buttons 4 and 5 for approximately 2 seconds simultaneously. When activated ‘LOC’ will display and when the feature is turned off ‘UNL’ will flash on the display. Opening the door while the key lock is activated will only stop the cycle. To resume the cycle, close the door, turn off the key lock feature and press the start button. If the dryer is turned off the key lock will automatically be inactivated. The key lock can be activated or removed at any point during the cycle.

Automatic Anti crease

This feature automatically activates an anticrease movement of the drum, pre-cycle (when delay start is activated) and at the end of the drying cycle for up to 6 hours every 10 minutes. To stop, turn the machine off.

D- Led

Water tank - The indicator will light up when the water tank need to be emptied.

Filter cleaning - The indicator will light up when the filter (door or lower) needs to be cleaned.

Cooling - The indicator will light up when the cycle is in the final cooling stage.

ONE TOUCH area - When the program selector is in the One Touch position a previously downloaded cycle can be selected by pressing the start button. (Please see relevant section of the manual for more information on downloading cycles on the Wizard app).

The wool drying cycle of this machine has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the drying of machine washable wool products provided that the products are washed and dried according to the instructions on the garment label and those issues by the manufacturer of this machine M1524.

In UK, Eire, Hong Kong and India the Woolmark trade mark is a Certification trade mark.

Drying Guide AS/NZS 2442.2

The programme tested in accordance with AS/NZS 2442.2 is Cotton Hanger Dry.

This is the most energy efficient and best suited for drying normal wet cotton laundry.

Technical Specifications

Information for Test Laboratory **

AS 2442.2

Cotton Hanger Drying.

Rated capacity 8 kg.

Install and use discharge kit to evacuate the Condensed water.



The Hoover Wizard app has a Clever Check-up function that allows you to confirm the functionality and status of the product at any time. To use the Hoover Wizard app you will need an Android smartphone with NFC technology.

More info can be found on the App.

If the display of the machine is showing an error (by a code or blinking LEDs), you should turn on the App on your Android smartphone, with NFC on. selecting "Read the error" on the "Help on line" menu place your smart phone against the One Touch logo on the control panel. You should now be able to read the fault directory to solve the issue.

What Might be the Cause of…

Defects you can remedy yourself

Before calling service for technical advice please run through the following checklist. A charge will be made if the machine is found to be working or has been installed incorrectly or used incorrectly. If the problem persists after completing the recommended checks, please call Service, they may be able to assist you over the telephone.

Time display to end could change during drying cycle. The time to end is continuously checked during the drying cycle and the time is adjusted to give the best estimation time. The displayed time may increase or decrease during the cycle and this is normal.

Drying time is too long/clothes are not dry enough…

● Have you selected the correct drying time/programme?

● Were the clothes too wet? Were the clothes thoroughly wrung or spindried?

● Does the filter need cleaning?

● Is the dryer overloaded?

The dryer does not operate…

● Is there a working electricity supply to the dryer? Check using another appliance such as a table lamp.

● Is the plug properly connected to the mains supply?

● Is there a power failure?

● Has the fuse blown?

● Is the door fully closed?

● Is the dryer switched on, both at the mains supply and at the machine?

● Has the drying time or the programme been selected?

● Has the machine been switched on again after opening the door?

The dryer is noisy…

● Switch off the dryer and contact Service for advice.

The Indicator is on…

● Does the filter need cleaning?

The Indicator is on…

● Does the water container need emptying?


Should there still be a problem with your dryer after completing all the recommended checks, please call service for advice.

They may be able to assist you over the telephone or arrange for a suitable appointment for an engineer to call under the terms of your guarantee. However, a charge may be made if any of the following applies to your machine:

● Is found to be in working order.

● Has not been installed in accordance with the installation instructions.

● Has been used incorrectly.


Always use genuine spares, available direct from service.


For service and repairs call your local service engine

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