Samsung MS11K3000AS/AA 1.1 cu. ft. Counter Top Microwave - Use Manual

Samsung MS11K3000AS/AA 1.1 cu. ft. Counter Top Microwave - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

Microwave Oven
User manual


Oven use

Checking that your oven is operating correctly

The following simple procedure enables you to check that your oven is working correctly at all times. If you are in doubt, refer to the section entitled “Troubleshooting” on the pages 29 to 32.


The oven must be plugged into an appropriate wall socket. The turntable must be in position in the oven. If a power level other than the maximum (100 % - 1000 W) is used, the water takes longer to boil.

Open the oven door by pulling the handle on the right side of the door.

Place a glass of water on the turntable. Close the door.

Press the START/+30s button and set the time to 4 or 5 minutes, by pressing the START/+30s button the appropriate number of times.

Result: The oven heats the water for 4 or 5 minutes. The water should then be boiling.


The following procedure explains how to cook or reheat food.


ALWAYS check your cooking settings before leaving the oven unattended.

Open the door. Place the food in the centre of the turntable. Close the door. Never switch the microwave oven on when it is empty.

1. Press the Microwave button.

Result: The 100 % (Maximum cooking power) indications are displayed:

2. Select the appropriate power level by turning the Dial Knob. (Refer to the power level table.)

And then press the Select button.

3. Set the cooking time by turning the Dial Knob.

Result: The cooking time is displayed.

4. Press the START/+30s button.

Result: The oven light comes on and the turntable starts rotating. Cooking starts and when it has finished.

1) The oven beeps 4 times.

2) The end reminder signal will beep 3 times (once every minute).

3) The current time is displayed again.

4) The Maximum Cooking Time is 99 minutes 99 Seconds.

Setting the time

When power is supplied, “88:88” and then “12:00” is automatically displayed on the display. Please set the current time. The time can be displayed in either the 24- hour or 12-hour notation.

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