Haier HRZ-113SS Bar Refrigerator

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For HRZ-113SS. Also, The document are for others Haier models: HRZ-113

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Haier HRZ-113SS Questions and Answers

#1 Should we remove the carton-like cover labeled C-PENTANE at the back?

No that is the rear cover of the fridge that says there, please look at our images online you see that finish on the rear.

#2 Does this fridge have an internal light?

This particular model comes with a 10W light bulb which is located under the thermostat unit.

#3 Do you have to open from the top or can you open from the side?

This model has a recessed style handle in the top of the unit.

#4 Is this a frost free fridge?

This bar fridge is not free frost and requires manual defrosting.