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Changing the reversible door

This refrigerator has been built with the door hinges on the right. If you wish to change the opening direction, follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove the upper hinge cover(6) first
  2. Remove the two screws (1) that hold the upper hinge (5) (right side) to the frame. Take away the upper hinge (5).
  3. Lift the door and place it on a padded surface to prevent scratching it.
  4. Remove the two screws(8) that hold the lower hinge(2) and Make sure to Remove the lower hinge(2).
  5. Remove the left front leg (4) and transfer it to the right side.
  6. Remove the hole cover plate(7) to the right side.
  7. Before placing this lower hinge(2), remove the bolt-pin (9) and reverse the direction of the lower hinge(2). Then install the lower hinge (2) onto the left side of the lower frame with two screws (8).
  8. Insert the bolt-pin(9) to the lower hinge (2).
  9. Set the door to its place making sure the door seat at the lower hinge(2)
  10. While holding the door in the closed position secure the upper hinge (5) in the top frame of left side with two screws (1). Please remember that do not tighten the two screws(1) until the top of the door is levelled with the counter top.
  11. Install the upper hinge cover(6) on the upper hinge..


  • The refrigerator should be cleaned and maintained once a month.
  • The power plug should always be disconnected from the power outlet before any cleaning or maintainance is carried out.
  • For cleaning, do not use hot water, petrol, alcohol, kerosene, washing powder, cleanser, alkaline detergent, acid or chemical cloths. Never directly spray the refrigerator with water. This could cause rust or weaken the insulation.
  • Wipe the inner, outer and accessories of the refrigerator only with luke warm water. For heavier cleaning, use a small amount of washing detergent in luke warm water, then wipe down with water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Make sure that the rubber seals on the door are clean and not damaged.
  • Avoid leaving oils and solubles on the plastic parts of the refrigerator. Try to wipe up as it could cause a stain. Not doing so could easily age the plastic.Bad odours can also occur if not cleaned regularly.

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Haier HRZ-113SS Questions and Answers

Should we remove the carton-like cover labeled C-PENTANE at the back?
No that is the rear cover of the fridge that says there, please look at our images online you see that finish on the rear.

Does this fridge have an internal light?
This particular model comes with a 10W light bulb which is located under the thermostat unit.

Do you have to open from the top or can you open from the side?
This model has a recessed style handle in the top of the unit.

Is this a frost free fridge?
This bar fridge is not free frost and requires manual defrosting.