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User Manual Dishwasher Haier HDW15G3X 

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If a programme will be aborted in the process of washing dishes, the residue of detergent remains on the dishes.These can cause damage to health! Make sure to rinse off the detergent residues completely before using these dishes again.

If the door will be opened immediately after the end of programme, hot steam can escape. Danger of scalding!

Open the door carefully!

Never clean the appliance with a steam cleaner.

Never use bleach or other chlorinated detergents.

Clean the appliance with a damp soft cloth.

Only use neutral detergents. Do not use abrasive products, abrasive cleaning pads or solvents.

Clean the door seal with a damp soft cloth.

Care and Cleaning of the Spray Arms

Spray arms should be regularly inspected for dirt. If needed the spray arms could be removed.

  • Upper spray arm

Turn bayonet socket to the left to remove spray arm.

Remove remaining parts of food remnants with a thin pointed object.

Flush with water and check all the holes are clear.

Turn bayonet socket clockwise to fasten spray arm.

  • Lower spray arm

Pull at the center to remove spray arm.

Remove remaining parts of food remnants with a thin pointed object.

Flush with water and check all the holes are clear.

Place spray arm at the center with a light push.

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Haier HDW15G3X Questions and Answers

I bought my dishwasher one week ago and I noticed
that front panel has not been assembled properly, right
upper corner is not even with the left one. A part from
that, when I turn it on, a smell of plastic comes and
stays in the air for long time.
Not sure about the assembly, but if it isn't affecting
performance and you aren't bothered by the looks, don't
worry. Ours is a little lopsided but functions fine.
The plastic smell will eventually go away. You can try a
cup of vinegar and a half cup of bi-carbonate in the
dishwasher or a brand dishwasher cleaner to help it
along.I strongly recommend scheduling a calendar
reminder to clean it every month. I do this with my Haier
dishwasher, washing machine and dryer and they all
works wonderfully.

What is the difference in model number ending in W and X?
W= White, X= Stainless Steel