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User Guide Haier HCG604WFCX2 Gas Cooktop

Inserting and fixing the hob

Before inserting the hob into the work surface, place the adhesive seal (a) around the underside

1) Remove the pan stands and the burner caps then turn the hob upside down, taking care

2) Place the gasket around the bottom edge of the hob as shown in the illustration overleaf (left).

3) Place the hob in the installation opening and push it down so that the hob is resting firmly

4) Secure the hob in position using the fixing brackets supplied.


  • Replace the injectors with the corresponding injector from the table on page below.(see fig. 6).
  • First remove the burner caps and rings and with a socket spanner "B", unscrew Injector "A" (see fig. 6).
  • The adjustment of the reduced rate position is as follows (fig. 7): Light the burner and turn the knob to reduced rate position. Remove the knob "M" which is simply inserted onto, tap stem.
  • Insert a small screwdriver "D" into the top shaft "C" and turn the bypass screw left or right until flame of the burner is conveniently regulated to the low position.
  • Make sure that when turning quickly from "Full on" position to reduced rate position that the C D Fig 6 Fig 7 INJECTOR REPLACEMENT TABLE burner does not extinguish.


1.To light the hotplate push In the appropriate control knob and turn anti-clockwise to the large

2.Keep the knob depressed until the burner lights.

3.Turn the tap to the required setting. 4.In the event of the burner flames being accidentally extinguished, turn off the burner control and don’t attempt to reignite the burner for at least 1 min.

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