Samsung WA14N6780CV/SP Active DualWash™, 14kg, Top Load, 3 Ticks

User Manual - Page 38

For WA14N6780CV/SP. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: WA14N6780C*, WA16N6780C*, WA14N6780CV

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38 English
If you encounter a problem with the washing machine, rst check the table below and try the
Problem Action
Does not turn on.
Make sure you use rated power for the product.
Make sure the power cord is completely plugged in.
Check the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
Does not start.
Make sure the door is closed.
Make sure the water taps are open.
Make sure to press or tap START/PAUSE to start the washing
Make sure Child Lock is not activated.
Before the washing machine starts to ll, it will make a series
of clicking noises to check the door lock and does a quick
Was the door opened during the spinning cycle? Close the
door, and press or tap START/PAUSE to resume.
The machine enters Standby or is in a soaking cycle. Please
Check the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
Water is not supplied.
Make sure you press or tap START/PAUSE after selecting the
water supply.
Make sure the water taps are open.
Is the lter net at the water supply hose connector clogged?
Clean the lter net by brushing with a toothbrush.
Is the water supply cut off? If the water supply is cut off, close
the tap and power off.
Straighten the water supply hoses.
Open and close the door, then press or tap START/PAUSE.
If the water pressure is low, it takes longer to start washing.
If the water level is not as high as necessary or lower than
expected, use the level selector to adjust the water level.
After a cycle,
detergent remains
in the automatic
Make sure the washing machine is running with sufcient
water pressure.
Make sure the detergent drawer is properly inserted.
Remove and clean the detergent drawer, and then try again.
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