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English 13
Step-by-step installation
STEP 1 Select a location
Location requirements:
Solid, level surface without carpeting or ooring that may obstruct ventilation
Away from direct sunlight
Adequate room for ventilation and wiring
The ambient temperature is always higher than the freezing point (0 ˚C)
Away from a heat source
STEP 2 Adjust the levelling feet
Unpack the product package.
1. Gently slide the washing machine into
position. Excessive force may damage
the levelling feet (A).
2. Level the washing machine by manually
adjusting the levelling feet.
3. When levelling is complete, tighten the
nuts (B) if provided (some models may
not have the nuts).
Packaging materials can be dangerous to children. Dispose all packaging material (plastic
bags, polystyrene, etc.) out of children’s reach.
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