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Installation requirements
Electrical supply and grounding
AC 220-240 V / 50 Hz fuse or circuit
breaker is required.
Use an individual branch circuit specic
to the washing machine.
Do NOT use an extension cord.
Use only the power cord that comes
with the washing machine.
Do NOT connect the ground wire to
plastic plumbing, gas lines, or hot water
To prevent tumbling or noise, install the
washing machine on a solid, at oor
without a platform or bricks.
Keep the washing machine at 10 cm
from each adjacent wall.
Water supply
Make sure water taps are easily
Turn off the taps when the washing
machine is not in use.
Check for any leaks at the water hose
ttings on a regular basis.
Make sure the drain hose is not clogged.
We recommend a standpipe in height
of 90-100 cm. The drain hose must be
connected through the hose clip to the
standpipe, and the standpipe must fully
cover the drain hose.
The standpipe specications mentioned
here are only applicable to pump-type
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