Use Manual Samsung DVG54R7200V/A 7.4 cu. ft. Gas Dryer with Steam Sanitize+ in Black Stainless Steel

Samsung DVG54R7200V/A 7.4 cu. ft. Gas Dryer with Steam Sanitize+ in Black Stainless Steel - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English, Spanish)

Washer & Dryer User manual Samsung Models DVE(G)54R7600*, DVE(G)54R7200*

Table of Contents

  • Safety information 
  • Installation 
  • Before you start
  • Operations 
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Specifications

Exhausting requirements

  • The dryer must not be exhausted into a chimney, a wall, a ceiling, an attic, a crawl space, or a concealed space of a building. Exhausting the dryer to the outside will prevent large amounts of lint and moisture from being blown into the room.

In the United States and Canada

  • All dryers must be exhausted to the outside.
  • The required exhaust duct is 4 inches (10.2 cm) in diameter.
  • See “Ducting requirements” in the "Installation” section for the maximum duct length and number of bends that can be used.
  • The total length of flexible metal duct must not exceed 7’ 10 1/2” (2.4 m).
  • Do not assemble the duct with screws or other fastener means that extend into the duct and catch lint.
  • For the United States only: Use only those foil-type flexible ducts, if any, specifically identified for use with the appliance by the manufacturer and that comply with the Outline for Clothes Dryer Transition Duct. Use Subject 2158A.

Outside the United States and Canada

  • Refer to the local codes.


  • You must exhaust the dryer to the outside to reduce the risk of fire when you install the dryer in an alcove or closet.
  • Do not use a plastic or non-metal flexible duct.
  • If your existing ductwork is plastic, non- metal, or combustible, replace it with metal.
  • Use only a metal exhaust duct that is non-flammable to ensure containment of exhaust air, heat, and lint.

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