User Manual Thermador ME301YP 30" Masterpiece Series Stainless Steel Single Oven

Thermador ME301YP 30" Masterpiece Series Stainless Steel Single Oven - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • User Manual - (English)
  • Use & Care Guide - (English)
Installation Instruction
  • Installation Instructions - (English)
  • Specification Sheet - (English)

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User Manual for Single Oven Thermador ME301YP

Table Of Contents

  • Safety definitions
  • General information
  • Intended use
  • Restriction on user group
  • General safety instructions
  • Appliance handling safety
  • Safety codes and standards
  • Electrical safety
  • State of California Proposition
  • Warnings
  • Transport
  • Before you begin
  • Combination installations
  • Parts included
  • Tools and parts needed
  • Power requirements and grounding
  • Package removal
  • Removing the packaging from built-in single and
  • double ovens
  • Installation requirements
  • Appliance weight
  • Location requirements
  • Single oven dimensions
  • Single oven appliance dimensions
  • Single oven traditional installation
  • Single oven flush mount installation
  • Single oven under-counter installation
  • Double oven dimensions
  • Double oven appliance dimensions
  • Double oven traditional installation
  • Double oven flush mount installation
  • Prior to installation
  • Lifting the appliance
  • Removing the oven door from bottom hinge conventional ovens
  • Installing the ovens into the cabinet
  • Reinstalling the oven door
  • Electrical connection
  • Electrical requirements
  • Location of the power outlet
  • Routing the electrical conduit cable
  • Installing a four-wire connection
  • Installing a three-wire connection

Installing the ovens into the cabinet

  • Follow these instructions to install your appliance in the cabinet.
  • It is recommended to wear protective clothing during the lifting process.
  • Wear gloves and long sleeves to protect hands and forearms from abrasion and potential scratches.
  • Take off watches and jewelry.
  • Wear work shoes for foot protection.
  • DO NOT attempt to lift the unit by holding the oven's upper heating element.
  • Three people or proper equipment are needed to safely lift the combination oven into the cabinet opening.


  • You have verified the cabinet dimensions and electrical connections.
  • You have removed the oven door.
  • Removing the oven door from bottom hinge conventional ovens", Page 11
  • You have read the lifting recommendations"
  • Position the unit on its packaging base close to and in front of the cabinet opening.
  • Lift or slide the unit into the cabinet cutout. Do not allow the unit base to contact the flooring.

Guide the unit straight back into the cabinet cutout.

  • Push the unit straight in until the oven trim is about cm) from being flush with cabinet wall.
  • Check that the electrical conduit cable is not crimped between the oven and the cabinet back wall. If necessary, guide the electric conduit cable into the wall of the cabinet access hole so it does not prevent the unit from being pushed all the way into the cabinet opening.
  • Check that the oven is straight and level.
  • Push the unit all the way back into the cabinet cutout until the front edge of the unit is flush with the front of the cabinet.
  • Install the supplied screws through the tap holes in the trim.
  • Refer to the enclosed SCREW INSTALLATION leaflet

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