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This is user manual for Pelonis PTTW01

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  • Remove the old air conditioner from the existing wall sleeve and remove the existing wall sleeve.
  • Prepare and install the new wall sleeve into the wall opening.
  • The wall sleeve must be fastened in the wall secuerly before installing the new air conditioner.
  • Keep the cover panels for later use to protect the sleeve from rainy or windy weater.
  • To avoid distortion to the front panel of the air conditioner,the sleeve should be installed at a distance of 4 minimum from heating source. e.g.Baseboard heating,radiator.etc.)
  • After sleeve has been installed,caulk where necessary entire perimeter around exterior wall opening and sleeve.Use a good grade of caulking compound to seal all cracks against air and water infiltration.
  • The rear grill and washer scerws should be kept well until the air conditioner is installed.

INSTALL THE COVER PANELS(when not using air conditioner for a long time.)

  • To install cover panel at the back of sleeve,first remove air conditioner from sleeve.
  • Take the louvered rear grille or the expanded rear grille out by loosening the four washer screws as shown in FIG.C.
  • From the inside of the sleeve,insert the rear cover panel and re-insert the four washer screws through the panel,then tighten them as shown in FIG.D and FIG.E.
  • Use the front panel to cover the front of the sleeve.Fasten with 4 screws as shown in FIG.F.


  • Use four screws to fasten the side panels on the bottom panel as shown below.

NOTE:The arrow marks on the bottom panel indicate the direction of indoor side

  • Place the top panel on the top and fasten with four screws as shown below.
  • Insert the four clasps for sleeve into the quadrate holes in the side panels as shown below.
  • Insert the louvered rear grille or the expanded rear grille (packed with air conditioner you purchased) and fasten with 4 washer screws as shown below.
  • Install two brackets on the top and one bracket on each side of the sleeve, fasten with four screws.There are two methods for your choice to install the brackets as shown in FIG. A and FIG.B. NOTE: Choose anyone hole in the bracket as you prefer to fasten the screws on the sleeve.
  • NOTE:To improve the firmness of the sleeve, it is recommended to install 8 more screws as shown below.
  • First put the assembled sleeve into the wall opening as shown below , then place the air conditioner into the sleeve.

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