Pelonis FS40-16JRB Remote Controls

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For FS40-16JRB. Also, The document are for others Pelonis models: FS40-16JR

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Pelonis FS40-16JRB Questions and Answers

#1 Does this fan have good air flow ?

Average, for the price it works pretty good. If you want more air
flow though you will probably need to go with a more
expensive fan

#2 The right angle bolt is super tight, and cannot remove? Anyone
else have this issue, & how did you get it off?

To adjust the angle of the fan, use a Phillips Head Screw
Driver and loosen the nut. DO NOT remove the nut and
screw. Once loosened adjust the fan head by pushing up or
down on the main unit. You DO NOT want to remove the
entire screw to adjust the angle. I had no problem in
loosening the bolt enough to move the fan main body to
adjust the angle.

#3 The base does not seem to securely attach to the pole.
When fully tightened it sits at about a 30 degree tilt. Is there
any way to fix this?

On my fan, there were two notches on the pole that fit over
corresponding parts on the base, maybe the pole is not
securely set over them, or maybe the screw holding it in
place is not on the correct threads and so not fully aligned.
My base is very firmly attached, maybe you just got a
bad/defective product, unfortunately.

#4 Is anyone else experiencing a power surge? It speeds up and
slows down. The fan was just delivered today.

Yes, mine does that, since putting it together. Low speed
surges to high constantly.

#5 I enjoy this fan but when it runs it sounds like it’s pulsing rather
than running smoothly. Is this normal?

I'm having the same issues. I have two of these fans and they
both do it!

#6 "This item has shipping restrictions due to the materials in
it" or something like that. What materials are they referring

Don’t know what material they are referring to. I didn’t have any
restrictions on the delivery. It is a standard fan.

See other models: NY1506-18SRA