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RCA DHP780 Questions and Answers

#1 Are these good headphones for the hard of hearing?

I wear very expensive hearing aids but replace them with the headphones when watching TV. The sound quality is better, I can adjust the volume to suit my requirements and hearing aid battery usage is reduced. The headphones are excellent value for money.

#2 Do they work on a Vizio TV?

As long as your TV has a 3.5mm audio port or red and white audio out ports, RCA wireless tv headphones can easily hook up with your tv. Please check if there are the 3.5mm audio out port red or white audio out ports. Please note that the headphones will work for audio output not input.

#3 If i were to buy two of these headphones and connect them to different TV's would they interferre with each other?

I bought two of these. Each came with a charger/transmitter. I wanted to use both headsets at the same time with one TV; one for me, one for wifey. Each headset would work only with the transmitter with which it came in a box. I was able to make this work by buying a $5.00 splitter to take the signal from the TV, splitting it to send to each transmitter/charger. The short instruction booklet that came with each headset/charger/transmitter said that more than one headset could be used with one charger/transmitter but did not say how to make it work. Returned them because the sound quality we considered to be unacceptable. Your question: would they interfere with one another? I don't know how many channels the transmitter/headset pairs have. The pairs that I purchased would be ok with two TV's I would think.