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Attach plate to wall. The brackets should be placed, if possible, so that the screws will fasten into a wooden wall stud. If that is not possible, use properly selected wall anchors.

Slide speaker onto support.

Place speaker and support on wall plate.

The customer is respon- sible for proper selection and use of mounting hardware, available through hardware stores, to properly and safely wall- mount the speakers.

Connection Tips

Separate and strip the ends of the speaker wire as shown. Speakers and electronics terminals have corresponding (+) and (–) terminals. Most manufacturers of speakers and electronics, including JBL, use red to denote the (+) terminal and black for the (–) terminal. The (+) lead of the speaker wire is noted with a stripe. It is important to connect all speakers identically: (+) on the speaker to (+) on the amplifier and (–) on the speaker to (–) on the amplifier. Wiring “out of phase” results in thin sound, weak bass and a poor stereo image. With the advent of multichannel surround-sound systems, connecting all of the speakers in your system with the correct polarity remains equally important in order to preserve the proper ambience and directionality of the program material.

If there is no sound from the surround speakers:

  • Check all wires and connections between receiver/ amplifier and speakers. Make sure all wires are connected. Make sure none of the speaker wires are frayed, cut or punctured.
  • Review proper operation of your receiver/amplifier and its surround-sound features.
  • Make sure the movie or TV show you are watching is recorded in a surround-sound mode. If it is not, check to see if your receiver/ amplifier has other surround modes you may use.
  • In Dolby Digital or DTS® modes, make sure your receiver/processor is configured so that the surround speakers are enabled.


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