Samsung QE65Q70RATXXU 2019 65" Q70R QLED 4K HDR 1000 Smart TV

User Manual - Page 25

For QE65Q70RATXXU. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: Q70R

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08 Selecting Connected Devices
Changing the input signal
> s Source
When you select a connected external device on the Source screen, the output of the selected
device is displayed on the TV's screen.
For more information about selecting connected devices, see the e-Manual chapter
"Switching between external devices connected to the TV".
Editing external devices
You can change the port name for a connected external device or add it to Home Screen.
1. Move the focus to a connected external device.
2. Press the Up directional button. The following functions become available.
Available functions may differ depending on the port type.
Universal Remote: You can control external devices connected to the TV using a
Samsung remote control. To control external devices, register them by following the
instructions on the screen.
Edit: You can rename the input ports and change the device icons.
Information: You can view the detailed information about the external devices
connected to the TV.
Add to Home: You can add the port of an external device to the Home Screen for quick
Using additional functions
You can use the following features on the Source screen.
Remote Access: Use the TV to access your PC via remote PC or screen sharing.
Connection Guide: The guide to device connections
Universal Remote: Lets you register external devices to your Samsung remote control and
control them using the Remote.
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