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03 The TV Control Stick
Using the TV Controller
You can use the TV Controller on the bottom of the TV instead of the remote control to control
most of the functions of your TV. While watching TV, you can change the channel by pressing
the up and down directional buttons on the TV Controller or adjust the volume by pressing
the left and right directional buttons. Press the on the TV Controller to display the Control
To run an item on the menu, press the directional buttons on the TV Controller to move the
focus to the item, and then press the button on the TV Controller.
The screen may dim if the protective film on the SAMSUNG logo or the bottom of the TV is
not detached. Please remove the protective film.
Control menu
Smart Hub
Power off
TV Controller / Remote control sensor
Press button: Display the Control menu. / Select or
run a focused item on the menu.
Press and hold
button: The running function is
Up/Down button: Changes the channel.
Left/Right button: Changes the volume.
The TV Controller is located on the bottom of the TV.
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