Samsung WA12A8376GW 12kg Top Load Washing Machine

User Manual - Page 34

For WA12A8376GW.

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Keep the washing machine clean to prevent deteriorated performance and to preserve its life cycle.
Use a soft cloth to wipe up all detergent, bleach, or other spills as they occur.
Clean the control panel with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive powders or cleaning pads. Do not
spray cleaners directly on the panels.
Tub clean
Regularly run this cycle to clean the tub and to remove bacteria from it.
1. Makes sure the tub is completely empty.
2. Press POWER to turn on the washing machine.
3. Turn the Cycle Selector to TUB CLEAN. You can also use Delay End with TUB CLEAN.
4. Press and hold Hold to Start.
If the washing machine is installed and used in a humid place, bacteria in the air may adhere to the humid
surface of the tub and foster mould growth, which is harmful to your health. To keep your washing machine
tub clean, use the TUB CLEAN cycle once every 1-2 months (or when the TUB CLEAN indicator turns on) to
clean the tub.
Only run TUB CLEAN when the tub is completely empty. This may cause damage to the laundry or a
problem with the washing machine.
Depending on the conditions and surroundings in which the washing machine is used, the degree of
contamination in the tub or the result of the TUB CLEAN cycle may vary. When using the TUB CLEAN
cycle, pour 200 ml of chlorine bleach evenly on the bottom of the tub.
- Excessive use of chlorine bleach may cause product malfunction. Do not mix chlorine bleach with
other substances (such as vinegar, citric and oxygen bleach, etc.)
- Mixing chlorine bleach with these substances can generate harmful gas. When using chlorine
bleach, make sure to ventilate the surrounding area. If you have used the washing machine for a
long time without cleaning the tub or if you are cleaning the tub for the first time, some residue may
remain in the tub after the TUB CLEAN cycle.
Run an additional
RINSE+SPIN cycle to completely remove residue. Though stainless tubs do not rust
easily, they may get rusty in the following cases; if rust should occur, wipe them with neutral detergent
on a sponge or soft cloth.
- If any metallic objects (safety pins, hairpins, etc.) that rust easily are left in the tub for a long time.
- If chlorine bleach is left in the tub for a long time.
- If an excessive amount of chlorine bleach is used in the tub.
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