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Smart Check
To enable this function, you must first download the Samsung Smart Washer app at the Play Store or the
Apple Store, and install it on a mobile device featuring a camera function.
The Smart Check function has been optimised for Galaxy & iPhone series (applicable models only).
1. When the washer detects an issue to check, an information code appears on the display. To enter Smart
Check mode, press Smart Check.
2. The washing machine starts the self-diagnosis procedure and displays an information code if a problem
is detected.
3. Run the Samsung Smart Washer app on your mobile device, and tap Smart Check.
4. Put the mobile device close to the washing machine’s display so that the mobile device and the washing
machine face each other. Then, the information code will be recognised automatically by the app.
5. When the information code is recognised correctly, the app provides detailed information about the
problem with applicable solutions.
The function name, Smart Check, may differ depending on the language.
If there is strong reflected light on the washing machine display, the app may fail to recognise the
information code.
If the app fails to recognise the Smart Check code consecutively, enter the information code manually
onto the app screen.
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