Exerpeutic 1110 400XL Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

User Manual - Page 6

For 1110.

PDF File Manual, 21 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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Basic precautions should always be followed when using this
equipment. Read all instructions before using this equipment which
include the following safety instructions:
1. Read all the instructions in this manual and do warm up exercises before
using this equipment.
2. Before exercising, and in order to avoid injuring your muscles, it is
recommended that you perform warm-up exercises for every muscle
3. Make sure all the components are not damaged and tightened well
before use. This equipment should be placed on a flat surface when
using. Using a mat or other covering material on the ground is
4. Wear proper clothes and shoes when using this equipment; do not
wear loose clothes that might get caught by any part of the equipment;
remember to tighten the pedaling straps.
5. Do not attempt any maintenance or adjustments other than those described
in this manual. Should any problems arise, discontinue use and consult
customer service.
6. Do not use or leave the equipment outdoors.
7. This equipment is for household use only.
8. Only one person should be on the equipment while in use.
9. Keep children and pets away from the equipment while in use. This
machine is designed for adults only. This product requires a minimu of 6
square feet of space for safe operation.
10. If you feel any chest pains, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath, you
should stop exercising immediately and consult your physician before
11. DO NOT pedal in reverse.
12. The maximum weight capacity for this product is 300 lbs/136 kgs.
WARNING: Before beginning any exercise program consult
your physician. This is especially important for the people who are over
35 years of age or who have pre-existing health problems. Read all
instructions before using any fitness equipment.
CAUTION: Read all instructions carefully before operating this product.
Retain this Owner’s Manual for future reference.
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