Exerpeutic 1110 400XL Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

User Manual - Page 16

For 1110.

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TIME --------------------------------------- 0:00-99:59 MIN: SEC
SPEED ------------------------------------ 0.0-999.9 ML/H
DISTANCE ------------------------------- 0.0-999.9 ML
CALORIE --------------------------------- 0.0-999.9 KCAL
ODOMETER ----------------------------- 0.0-999.9 ML
PULSE ------------------------------------ 40-240 BEATS/MIN
AUTO ON/OFF: If you leave the computer idle for 4 minutes, the power will
shut off automatically.
SCAN: Press the button until the screen displays SCAN; the computer will
automatically scan the functions of TIME, ODOMETER, CALORIE, PULSE,
SPEED, and DISTANCE, every 6 seconds.
TIME: Displays your elapsed workout time in minutes and seconds. The
computer will automatically count up from 0:00 to 99:59 in one second
SPEED: Displays your workout speed in miles per hour.
DISTANCE: Displays the cumulative distance traveled during each
workout up to a maximum of 999.9 miles.
CALORIE: The computer will estimate the cumulative calories burned at
anygiven time during your workout. The computer will count up from 0.0 to
999.9 calories.
ODOMETER: Displays the total cumulative distance traveled, to a maximum
of 999.9 miles. The data values of ODOMETER can not be reset to zero by
pressing and holding the button more than 2 seconds. If the batteries are
removed from the computer, the ODOMETER data values will reset to zero.
PULSE: The computer will display your pulse rate in beats per minute when
holding on to the handlebar grip sensors during workout. To ensure
the pulse readout is precise, always hold on to the handlebar grip sensors
with two hands.
RESET: pressing and holding the button for more than 2 seconds will reset
all workout values to zero except the odometer data values.
1. Remove the battery cover at the rear of the console.
2. Place two "SIZE-AAA" batteries into the battery housing.
3. Insure the batteries are correctly positioned and the battery springs are
in proper contact with the batteries.
4. Re-install the battery cover.
5. If the display is illegible or only partially legible, remove the batteries
and wait 15 seconds before reinstalling.
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