Exerpeutic 1110 400XL Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

User Manual - Page 19

For 1110.

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The bike can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Do not use
abrasives or solvents on plastic parts. Wipe your perspiration off the bike after
each use. Be careful not get excessive moisture on the console display panel as
this might cause an electrical hazard or electronics to fail.
Keep the bike, specifically, the console, out of direct sunlight to prevent screen
damage. Inspect all the assembly bolts and the pedals on the machine for
proper tightness every week.
Store the bike in a clean and dry environment away from children.
PROBLEM: There is no display on the console.
SOLUTION: Check if the batteries are correctly positioned and battery springs
are in proper contact with batteries.
SOLUTION: The batteries in the console may be dead. Install new batteries.
PROBLEM: There is no heart rate reading or it is erratic and inconsistent.
SOLUTION: Make sure that the wire connections for the hand pulse sensors are
SOLUTION: To ensure the pulse readout is accurate, always hold on to the
handlebar grip sensors with both hands.
SOLUTION: Gripping the hand pulse sensors too tight. Try to maintain moderate
pressure while holding onto the hand pulse sensors.
PROBLEM: The bike makes a squeaking noise when in use.
SOLUTION: The bolts may be loose on the bike, inspect all of the bolts and
tighten the loose bolts.
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