Thermador T42BD820NS/10 refrigerator

User Manual - Page 9

For T42BD820NS/10. Also, The document are for others Thermador models: T42BR810NS, T48BR810NS, T42BR820NS, T48BR820NS, T42BD810NS, T48BD810NS, T42BD820NS, T48BD820NS

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Ice Dispenser
Ice dispenses from the ice maker storage bin in the freezer when
the dispenser pad is pressed. The dispensing system will not
operate when the freezer door is open. To turn off the ice maker,
see “Ice Maker and Storage Bin.”
Your ice maker can produce both crushed and cubed ice. The
display screen reads “CRUSHED” or “CUBED,” indicating which
type is selected. To change the setting, press the ICE button
before dispensing ice.
For crushed ice, cubes are crushed before being dispensed. This
may cause a slight delay when dispensing crushed ice. Noise
from the ice crusher is normal, and pieces of ice may vary in size.
When changing from crushed to cubed, a few ounces of crushed
ice will be dispensed along with the first cubes.
To Dispense Ice:
1. Press the button to select the desired type of ice.
2. Press a sturdy glass against the ice dispenser pad. Hold the
glass close to the dispenser opening so ice does not fall
outside of the glass.
IMPORTANT: You do not need to apply a lot of pressure to
the pad in order to activate the ice dispenser. Pressing hard
will not make the ice dispense faster or in greater quantities.
3. Remove the glass to stop dispensing.
NOTE: Ice may continue to dispense for up to 10 seconds
after removing the glass from the pad. The dispenser may
continue to make noise for a few seconds after dispensing.
Dispenser Tray with Water Level Indicator
(on some models)
Your dispenser may include a small tray at the bottom of the
dispenser. It is designed to catch small spills and allow for easy
cleaning. The tray can be removed from the dispenser to be
emptied or cleaned.
NOTE: There is no drain in the tray. When the tray is full of water
and needs to be emptied, a small red indicator pops up at the
back of the tray.
Dispenser Light (on some models)
When you use the dispenser, the light will automatically turn on.
If you want the light to be on continuously, you may choose either
ON: Press LIGHT to turn the dispenser light on.
AUTO: Press LIGHT a second time to select AUTO mode. The
dispenser light will automatically adjust to become brighter as the
room brightens, dimmer as the room darkens.
OFF: Press LIGHT a third time to turn the dispenser light off.
The dispenser lights are LEDs that cannot be changed. If it
appears that your dispenser lights are not working, be sure that
the light sensor is not blocked (in AUTO mode). See
“Troubleshooting” for more information.
Dispenser Lock (on some models)
The dispenser can be turned off for easy cleaning or to avoid
unintentional dispensing by small children and pets.
NOTE: The lock feature does not shut off power to the product,
to the ice maker, or to the dispenser light. It simply deactivates
the ice and water dispensers. To turn off the ice maker, see “Ice
Maker and Storage Bin.”
Press and hold LOCK for 3 seconds to lock the dispenser.
While the dispenser is locking, “LOCKING” will appear on the
display screen and the blue indicator light around the LOCK
button will flash. When the dispenser is locked, the indicator
light will change to red for a few seconds, then turn off.
Press and hold LOCK a second time to unlock the dispenser.
While the dispenser is unlocking, “UNLOCKING” will appear
on the display screen and the red indicator light around the
LOCK button will flash. When the dispenser is unlocked, the
indicator light will change to blue for a few seconds, then turn
Water Filtration System
Water Filter Status
IMPORTANT: Replace the disposable water filter when indicated
or at least every 6 months. If water flow to the dispenser or ice
maker decreases noticeably, change the water filter sooner.
Style 1 - Non-Dispenser Models
The Filter Status lights, located on the Temperature Control
display, will help you know when to change the water filter.
Order - It is almost time to replace the water filter. Order
replacement water filter.
Replace - It is time to replace the water filter.
Filter Reset - After you replace the disposable water filter with
a new filter, press and hold FILTER RESET for 2 seconds to
reset the water filter status tracking feature to Good.
Cut Hazard
Use a sturdy glass when dispensing ice.
Failure to do so can result in cuts.
Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of
unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or
after the system.
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