Thermador T42BD820NS/10 refrigerator

User Manual - Page 15

For T42BD820NS/10. Also, The document are for others Thermador models: T42BR810NS, T48BR810NS, T42BR820NS, T48BR820NS, T42BD810NS, T48BD810NS, T42BD820NS, T48BD820NS

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Refrigerator Control Panel Lights
There are two or three light bulbs located in the top front of the
refrigerator compartment behind a light shield.
Open the light shield. Grasp the light shield by the openings.
Gently push back and pull down, as shown, to access the
light bulbs.
Remove the light bulb and replace it with one of the same
size, shape and wattage.
Close the light shield by raising it up into place.
NOTE: If needed, clean the light shield with a damp soft
Freezer and Crisper Lights
Remove the light shield by grasping the sides and squeezing
in toward the center. Once the side hooks of the shield are
free from the freezer or crisper lining, pull down the shield.
Replace the light shield by squeezing the top and bottom
toward the center and inserting the hooks into the slotted
holes. Once the hooks are in place, snap the front tab into the
slotted hole.
Power Interruptions
If the power will be out for 24 hours or less, keep the door or
doors closed (depending on your model) to help food stay cold
and frozen.
If the power will be out for more than 24 hours, do one of the
Remove all frozen food and store it in a frozen food locker.
Place 2 lbs (907 g) of dry ice in the freezer for every cubic foot
(28 L) of freezer space. This will keep the food frozen for 2 to
If neither a food locker nor dry ice is available, consume or
can perishable food at once.
REMEMBER: A full freezer stays cold longer than a partially filled
one. A freezer full of meat stays cold longer than a freezer full of
baked goods. If you see that food contains ice crystals, it may be
refrozen, although the quality and flavor may be affected. If the
condition of the food is poor, dispose of it.
Vacation Care
Your refrigerator is equipped with the Holiday Mode feature,
which is designed for the traveler who wishes to turn off the lights
and ice maker. By selecting this feature, the temperature set
points remain unchanged, the ice maker will be disabled and the
interior lights will turn off. For most efficient refrigerator operation,
it is recommended to exit Holiday Mode when it is no longer
If You Choose To Leave the Refrigerator On While You’re
1. Use up any perishables and freeze other items.
2. Press HOLIDAY.
3. If your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker, shut off water
supply to the ice maker.
4. Empty the ice bin.
5. When you return from vacation, press HOLIDAY to return to
normal operation.
If You Choose To Turn the Refrigerator Off Before You
1. Remove all food from the refrigerator.
2. If your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker:
Turn off the water supply to the ice maker at least one day
ahead of time.
When the last load of ice drops, raise the wire shutoff arm
to the OFF (up) position.
3. Depending on your model, turn the Thermostat Control
(or Refrigerator Control) to OFF. See “Using the Controls.”
4. Clean refrigerator, wipe it, and dry well.
5. Tape rubber or wood blocks to the tops of both doors to prop
them open far enough for air to get in. This stops odor and
mold from building up.
A. Light shield
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