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Using the Controls
Wait 24 hours after you turn on the refrigerator before you put
food into it. If you add food before the refrigerator has cooled
completely, your food may spoil.
NOTE: Adjusting the refrigerator and freezer controls to a
lower (colder) setting will not cool the compartments any
If the temperature is too warm or too cold in the refrigerator or
freezer, first check the air vents to be sure they are not
blocked before adjusting the controls.
The recommended temperatures should be correct for
normal household usage. The controls are set correctly when
milk or juice is as cold as you like and when ice cream is firm.
The actual temperature may differ from the display when a
door is open for an extended period of time.
NOTE: The factory recommended set points are 0°F (-18°C)
for the freezer and 37°F (3°C) for the refrigerator.
Turning Refrigerator On and Viewing Set Points
Press and hold POWER for 2 seconds.
Viewing the Celsius Temperatures
To change the display to view temperature settings in
degrees Celsius, press F/C. To display degrees Fahrenheit,
press F/C again.
NOTE: If the freezer temperature is below zero, the negative sign
next to the freezer display will light up. This is normal.
Adjusting Controls
To automatically set both controls to the recommended
temperature, press R.
Adjust the temperature, up or down, just 1 degree at a time.
Wait at least 24 hours between adjustments. Recheck the
temperatures before other adjustments are made.
To adjust set point temperatures:
Press the refrigerator or freezer PLUS (+) or MINUS (-) until
the desired temperature is reached.
NOTE: The set point range for the freezer is -5°F to 6°F (-21°C to
-14°C). The set point range for the refrigerator is 34°F to 46°F
(1°C to 8°C).
Water Filter Indicator and Reset (on some models)
See “Water Filter System” section.
The Super feature assists with periods of heavy ice usage, full
grocery loads, or temporarily warm room temperatures.
Press SUPER to turn on the Super feature. The Super
indicator light will remain on for 24 hours unless manually
turned off.
NOTE: The temperature display will remain at 34°F (1°C) and -5°F
(-21°C) for the refrigerator and freezer compartments,
respectively, while the Super feature is on. After 24 hours, the
refrigerator returns to the previous temperature set points.
Alarm Functions
Master Alarm Reset
Pressing Alarm Reset once will turn off the audio alarm and
indicator light. The audio alarm will not sound again for the
current condition that caused the alarm until a new condition
occurs or until a Master Alarm Reset is performed.
A Master Alarm Reset can be performed by pressing Cooling
(ON/OFF) twice or by turning the power to the refrigerator off and
on again. See “Power On/Off Switch.” After performing a Master
Alarm Reset, the indicator light will reactivate if the condition that
caused the alarm is still present. See “Over Temperature,” “Call
Service,” or “Door Open.”
Not set correctly for conditions
1° higher
High use or very warm room
1° lower
FREEZER too cold
Not set correctly for conditions
1° higher
FREEZER too warm/too little ice
High use or heavy ice use
1° lower
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