Cuisinart CBB-550SS CLASSIC BAR BLENDER - User Manuals

Cuisinart CBB-550SS CLASSIC BAR BLENDER - User Manuals - User Guide. INSTRUCTION AND RECIPE BOOKLET Food and Beverage Blender CBB-550SS For your safety and continued enjoyment of this product, always read the Instruction Book carefully before using. IMPORTANT UNPACKING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Place the gift box containing your Cuisinart® Blender on a flat, sturdy surface before unpacking. 2. Open corrugated flap. Remove blender container assembly, instruction booklet and other printed materials from top of corrugated box. Please use caution not to tip the container when removing. CAUTION: Sharp blade inside blender jar. 3. Next, remove the top corrugated insert. Carefully lift blender base from box and set aside. 4. Replace all corrugated inserts in the box and save the box for repacking. REPACKING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Place the unit on a large, sturdy, fla