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Philips 42TA648BX/F7 LCD TV - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • Owner's manual - (English, French, Spanish)
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  • Hook Up Guide - (English)
  • Leaflet - (English)

User Manual TV Philips 42TA648BX/F7


  • Important
  • Product information
  • Screen care
  • Environmental care
  • Regulatory notices
  • Your TV
  • Television overview
  • Remote control
  • Get started
  • Position the TV
  • Install the remote control batteries
  • Connect the antenna or cable
  • Connect the power cord
  • Manage cables
  • Switch on and setup the TV
  • Use your TV
  • Switch your TV on/off or to standby
  • Watch TV
  • Use child control and rating locks
  • View closed captions (subtitles)
  • View photos and play music on a USB device
  • Use your TV in HDTV mode
  • Use your TV as a PC monitor
  • Use Philips EasyLink
  • Use the demo mode
  • Change your TV installation
  • Select your menu language
  • Set your location to home
  • Tune channels automatically
  • Optimize the signal quality from your antenna
  • Uninstall and reinstall channels
  • Return your settings to default values
  • Show emergency alerts (EAS)
  • Update your TV software
  • Check your current software version
  • Prepare for the software upgrade
  • Upgrade software
  • Connect devices
  • Connection overview
  • Select your connection quality
  • Label your connections
  • Connect your devices
  • Glossary
  • Troubleshooting
  • Notes for the use of USB devices
  • Technical specifications
  • Index

TV Guide

With the TV Guide you can view a list of the current and scheduled TV programmes of your channels. Depending on where the TV guide information (data) is coming from, analogue and digital channels or only digital channels are shown. Not all channels offer TV Guide information.

The TV can collect TV Guide information for the channels that are installed on the TV. The TV cannot collect the TV Guide information for channels viewed from a digital receiver or decoder.

Safety and Care


Important: Read and understand all safety instructions before you use the TV. If damage is caused by failure to follow instructions, the warranty does not apply.

Risk of Electric Shock or Fire

  • Never expose the TV to rain or water. Never place liquid containers, such as vases, near the TV. If liquids are spilt on or into the TV, disconnect the TV from the power outlet immediately. Contact Philips TV Consumer Care to have the TV checked before use.
  • Never expose the TV, remote control or batteries to excessive heat. Never place them near burning candles, naked flames or other heat sources, including direct sunlight.
  • Never insert objects into the ventilation slots or other openings on the TV.
  • Never place heavy objects on the power cord.
  • Avoid force coming onto power plugs. Loose power plugs can cause arcing or fire. Ensure that no strain is exerted on the power cord when you swivel the TV screen.
  • To disconnect the TV from the mains power, the power plug of the TV must be disconnected. When disconnecting the power, always pull the power plug, never the cord. Ensure that you have full access to the power plug, power cord and outlet socket at all times.

Risk of Injury to Children

Follow these precautions to prevent the TV from toppling over and causing injury to children:

  • Never place the TV on a surface covered by a cloth or other material that can be pulled away.
  • Ensure that no part of the TV hangs over the edge of the mounting surface.
  • Never place the TV on tall furniture, such as a bookcase, without anchoring both the furniture and TV to the wall or a suitable support.
  • Teach children about the dangers of climbing on furniture to reach the TV.

Screen Care

  • Never touch, push, rub or strike the screen with any object.
  • Unplug the TV before cleaning.
  • Clean the TV and frame with a soft damp cloth and wipe gently. Avoid touching the Ambilight LEDs on the backside of the TV. Never use substances such as alcohol, chemicals or household cleaners on the TV.
  • To avoid deformations and colour fading, wipe off water drops as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid stationary images as much as possible. Stationary images are images that remain onscreen for extended periods of time. Stationary images include onscreen menus, black bars, time displays, etc. If you must use stationary images, reduce screen contrast and brightness to avoid screen damage.

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