User Manual Philips 65PFL5504/F7 5000 series Android TV

Philips 65PFL5504/F7 5000 series Android TV - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Television for Philips 65PFL5504/F7 

Table of contents

  • Notice
  • Getting started
  • Features
  • Included accessories
  • Symbols used in this user manual
  • Unpacking
  • Installing the stands
  • Lifting the TV set
  • Removing cardboard
  • Installing the remote control batteries
  • Remote control
  • Control panel
  • Terminals
  • Connecting antenna or cable / satellite / IPTV set-top box
  • Plugging in the AC power cord
  • Selecting your connection quality
  • Connecting your devices
  • Use your TV
  • Switching on your TV and putting it in standby mode
  • Adjusting volume
  • Switching channels
  • Watching channels from an external device
  • Access the Home menu
  • Device
  • Network
  • Channel
  • Inputs
  • Picture
  • Sound
  • Google Cast
  • Apps
  • Screen saver

Positioning the TV

  • Large screen TVs are heavy. 2 people are required to carry and handle a large screen TV.
  • Make sure to hold the upper and bottom frames of the unit firmly as illustrated.
  • Install the unit in a horizontal and stable position.
  • Do not install the unit in direct sunlight or in a place subject to dust or strong vibration.
  • Depending on the environment, the temperature of this unit may increase slightly. This is not a malfunction.
  • When installing this unit in a temperate environment, avoid a place with rapid temperature changes.
  • Operating temperature: 41°F (5°C) to 104°F (40°C)
  • This unit should not be used in a tropical environment as it has not been evaluated under such conditions.
  • No objects should be placed directly on or under this unit, especially lighted candles or other flaming objects.
  • Depending on your external devices, noise or disturbance of the picture and/or sound may be generated if the unit is placed too close to them. In this case, please ensure enough space between the external devices and the unit.
  • Do not insert the AC power cord into the power socket outlet before all the connections are made.
  • Ensure that you always have easy access to the AC power cord and outlet to disconnect the TV from the AC outlet.

Switch Access

Switch Access lets you interact with your Android device using one or more switches instead of the touch screen. Switch Access can be helpful for people with dexterity impairments that prevent them from interacting directly with the Android device.


  • Register your Google Account.
  • You can use multiple Google Accounts on your TV.
  • Unleash your television’s true potential. With a Google® account you can effortlessly expand your entertainment library via the Google Play Store and Google Play app and also keep apps up-to-date.
  • You can enjoy this Philips Android TV even without a Google account.
  • For example, you can watch Live TV programming, streaming applications such as Netflix, VUDU, YouTube and more.

No power

  • Make sure the AC power cord is plugged in.
  • Make sure that the AC outlet supplies the proper voltage, plug another electrical appliance into the AC outlet to ensure that the AC outlet operates normally.
  • If a power failure occurs, unplug the AC power cord for 1 minute to allow the unit to reset itself.

No picture or sound

  • Check if the power is on.
  • Check whether all the cables to the unit are connected to the correct output jack on your separate device like Blu-ray DiscTM / DVD recorder.
  • View other TV channels. The problem might be limited to the broadcasting station or weak signal strength.
  • Unplug the AC power cord and wait for about 1 minute, then plug the AC power cord and turn on the unit again.
  • Check whether the connection of the antenna or cable / satellite set-top box is connected correctly.
  • Make sure that the selected input mode is connected to the working input jack.

Cannot rent or buy movies / TV episodes on VUDU.

  • You need to activate the VUDU account. For detailed information, please visit the service providers website at
  • Log into your account at and check your payment information.

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