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Philips 273E3LHSB/00 LCD monitor - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual LCD monitor Philips 273E3LHSB/00

Table of contents

  • Important
  • Safety precautions and maintenance
  • Notational Descriptions
  • Disposal of product and packing material
  • Setting up the monitor
  • Installation
  • Operating the monitor
  • Remove Base Stand and Base
  • Image Optimization
  • Smartimage Lite
  • SmartContrast
  • SmartControl Lite
  • Technical Specifications
  • Resolution & Preset Modes
  • Power Management
  • Automatic PowerSaving
  • Regulatory Information
  • Customer care and warranty
  • Philips' Flat Panel Monitors Pixel Defect Policy
  • Customer Care & Warranty
  • Troubleshooting & FAQs
  • Troubleshooting
  • SmartControl Lite FAQs
  • General FAQs


  • Keep the monitor out of direct sunlight and away from stoves or any other heat source. 
  • Remove any object that could fall into ventilation holes or prevent proper cooling of the monitor’s electronics.  
  • Do not block the ventilation holes on the cabinet.
  • When positioning the monitor, make sure the power plug and outlet are easily accessible.
  • If turning off the monitor by detaching the power cable or DC power cord, wait for 6 seconds before attaching the power cable or DC power cord for normal operation.
  • Please use approved power cord provided by Philips all the time. If your power cord is missing, please contact with your local service center. (Please refer to Customer Care Consumer Information Center
  • Do not subject the monitor to severe vibration or high impact conditions during operation.
  • Do not knock or drop the monitor during operation or transportation.

Customer care and warranty

  1. Pixel and sub pixel defects appear on the screen in different ways. There are two categories of pixel defects and several types of sub pixel defects within each category.
  2. Bright dot defects appear as pixels or sub pixels that are always lit or 'on'. That is, a bright dot is a sub-pixel that stands out on the screen when the monitor displays a dark pattern
  3. Because pixel and sub pixels defects of the same type that are near to one another may be more noticeable, Philips also specifies tolerances for the proximity of pixel defects.
  4. In order to qualify for repair or replacement due to pixel defects during the warranty period, a TFT LCD panel in a Philips flat panel monitor must have pixel or sub pixel defects exceeding the tolerances listed in the following tables.


This page deals with problems that can be corrected by a user. If the problem still persists after you have tried these solutions, contact Philips customer service representative.

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Philips in United States

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Philips 273E3LHSB/00 Questions and Answers

How do I adjust the resolution?
Your video card/graphic driver and monitor together determine
the available resolutions. You can select the desired resolution
under Windows® Control Panel with the "Display properties".

What is the recommended refresh rate for Monitor?
Recommended refresh rate in Monitor is 60Hz, In case of any
disturbance on screen, you can set it up to 75Hz to see if that
removes the disturbance.

How should I clean the LCD surface?
For normal cleaning, use a clean, soft cloth. For extensive
cleaning, please use isopropyl alcohol. Do not use other
solvents such as ethyl alcohol, ethanol, acetone, hexane, etc.

Can I connect my Monitor to any PC, workstation or Mac?
Yes. All Philips Monitors are fully compatible with standard
PCs, Macs and workstations. You may need a cable adapter to
connect the monitor to your Mac system. Please contact your
Philips sales representative for more information.

Is the LCD screen resistant to scratches?
In general it is recommended that the panel surface is not
subjected to excessive shocks and is protected from sharp or
blunt objects. When handling the monitor, make sure that there
is no pressure or force applied to the panel surface side. This
may affect your warranty conditions.

What if I get lost when I am making monitor adjustments via
Simply press the OK button, then select 'Reset' to recall all of
the original factory settings.

I change the monitor on a PC to a different one and the
SmartControl Lite becomes un-usable, what do I do?
Restart your PC and see if SmartControl Lite can work.
Otherwise, you will need to remove and re-install SmartControl
Lite to ensure proper driver is installed.