Whirlpool AKR628IXS 60cm Compact Hood - User Manuals

Whirlpool AKR628IXS 60cm Compact Hood - User Manuals - User Guide. Slim hood Instruction for Use & Installation AKR628 IXS & AKR928 IXS INSTALLATION GUIDE Read all installations before installing this appliance ! IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE WARNING 2 The installation in this manual is intended for qualified installers, service technicians or persons with similar qualified background. Do not attempt to install this appliance yourself. Injury could result from installing the unit due to lack of appropriate electrical and technical background. All electrical wiring must be properly installed, insulated and grounded. Overly accumulated grease in old duct work should be cleaned out or duct work should be replaced if necessary to avoid the possibility of a grease fire. Check all joints on duct work to ensure proper connection and all joints should be prop