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Energy saving tips

For optimum results, it is advisable to:

  • Use pots and pans with bottom width equal to that of the cooking zone.
  • Only use flat-bottomed pots and pans.
  • When possible, keep pot lids on during cooking.
  • Use a pressure cooker to to save even more energy and time.
  • Place the pot in the middle of the cooking zone marked on the hob.

Electric connection

  • Disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
  • Installation must be carried out by qualified personnel who know the current safety and installation regulations.
  • The manufacturer declines all liability for injury to persons or animals and for damage to property resulting from failure to observe the regulations provided in this chapter.
  • The power cable must be long enough to allow the hob to be removed from the worktop.
  • Make sure the voltage specified on the dataplate located on the bottom of the appliance is the same as that of the home.


Do not use abrasive sponges or scouring pads. Their use could eventually ruin the glass.

  • After each use, clean the hob (when it is cool) to remove any deposits and stains due to food residuals.
  • Sugar or foods with a high sugar content damage the hob and must be immediately removed.
  •  Salt, sugar and sand could scratch the glass surface.
  • Use a soft cloth, absorbent kitchen paper or a specific hob cleaner

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