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DMT-489 - Dual Mode Infrared Thermometer Instruction manual

The manual file is about:

  • Setup instructions iProven DMT-489
  • First use iProven DMT-489 thermometer
  • Operating instructions iProven DMT-489
  • How do I reset my iProven DMT-489 thermometer?
  • How to get accurate measurements
  • How to use the Head-mode
  • How to use the Ear-mode of iProven DMT-489
  • How to switch ˚C to ˚F (˚F to ˚C) iProven DMT-489
  • Ear-mode/ Ambient temperature mode of iProven DMT-489
  • Cleaning iProven DMT-489
  • Troubleshooting / FAQ of iProven DMT-489

How do I reset my iProven DMT-489 thermometer?

With iProvent, I could not find the original recovery (reset) feature. But it is very simple for you to use as in the first:
- Switch from C to F or F to C as you like.
- Choose Ear mode or Head mode

The following is cited in iProven DMT-489 user manual . The link to download the document is at the end of the article.

Operating instructions

4.1 How to get accurate measurements

To ensure accurate measurements, follow these instructions:

1. Please make sure that the temperature sensor is absolutely clean.

2. Please make sure that the device is used in a closed room where there is no strong breeze or draft.

3. Coverage of the forehead and the ears by hair or a hat will make the forehead and the ear warmer; therefore make sure that the forehead or the ear has not been covered during 5 minutes prior to the measurement.

4. Please make sure the forehead is dry and clean before measurement to prevent the sensor from getting stained.

5. Before measuring the ear temperature, please clean the ear canal.

6. Please be aware that intense emotions and exertion before taking a measurement can affect the accuracy of the reading.

7. If the thermometer is transferred from one environmental condition to another that has a different ambient temperature, it is suggested to wait at least 30 minutes to get the thermometer adjust itself to the new conditions in order to get the most accurate reading.

8. Do not hold the thermom

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How do clean my iProven DMT-489 thermometer?
Use the alcohol to evaporate completely before using the thermometer. This may take about 5-10 minutes.
Any residual alcohol will prevent accurate readings. To clean the thermometer body and display, wipe with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water or rubbing alcohol.

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