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  • Owner's manual - (English)

Instructions for Use Dishwasher Haier HDW9TFE3SS2


  • Safety information
  • Installation
  • Getting to know your appliance
  • How to fill the rinse aid container
  • How to fill the detergent dispenser
  • Non-Dishwasher Items
  • Arranging crockery, glasses, etc. in the dishwasher
  • Programme overview
  • Washing dishes
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Trouble shooting
  • Technical data
  • Important information

Unpacking and handling

  • Check packaging and dishwasher for signs of transport damage. If the dishwasher is in any way damaged, do not install it. Contact the dealer the dishwasher was purchased from.
  • Disposal of packaging: some of the packaging is recyclable. Check the symbols and labels and recycle if possible.
  • Never lift the dishwasher from the door handle or the top panel. Doing so may cause damage. Always be careful with the hoses and power cord at the back of the dishwasher. Careful handling will prevent damage and malfunction from squashing, kinking or cuts.
  • While installing the dishwasher, check the drain hose is not restricted or kinked.

Care & maintenance

After every wash

  • After every wash leave the door slightly ajar so that moisture and odours are not trapped inside.

Remove the plug

  • Before cleaning or performing maintenance, always switch off the machine and remove the plug from the socket.

No solvents or abrasive cleaning products

  • To clean the exterior and rubber parts of the dishwasher, do not use solvents or abrasive cleaning products. It is recommended that you use only a cloth and warm soapy water. 
  • To remove spots or stains from the surface of the interior, use a cloth dampened with water and a little white vinegar or a cleaning product made specifically for dishwashers.

Moving the appliance

  • If the appliance must be moved, try to keep it in a vertical position. If absolutely necessary, it can be positioned on its back.


  • One of the factors that cause odours to form in the dishwasher is food that remains trapped in the seals.
  • Periodic cleaning with a damp sponge will prevent this from occurring.
  • The door should not be left in the open position since this could present a tripping hazard.

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