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JBL JBLENDURDIVEBAM Questions and Answers

#1 Are these comfortable with a hat or a beanie on?

Yes they are not only comfortable with a hat, they stay in your
ears better than any wireless headphones I have tried. Very
good design.

#2 Can it be used for calls? And if yes how is the quality with

Yes they can be used for calls. I have only used them a couple
of times but the quality has been excellent compared to my
other 2 pairs of bluetooth headphones.

#3 I have trouble getting these to sit properly in the charger
box so they will charge. Is that typical or should I exchange

I dont ever have a problem with mine maybe something's
wrong with yours or maybe adjust the part that goes around
your ear good luck

#4 How good is connectivity while running? I have had many
pairs (different company's) that will drop for 2 to 3 seconds
multiple times while jogging

Connectivity can go in and out at times but that's only if the
distance between your phone and the headphones is very long,
like a good few feet or so.

#5 What does 28 hours of combined playback mean?

The headphones last about 4 to 5hrs and you can use the
charging box to rechsrgr headphones at least 6 times for a
total of 28hrs.. Not worth it imo.. I need my headphones to last
longer than that.

#6 I bought a pair of these a couple years ago and after 2
months one side always had charging issues with
connection to the case. Is that fixed now?

Set the buds in the car and wiggle them a bit. You'll see the red
charging light come on. I leave my case open so I can verify
the charging continues.

#7 If one ear bud is lost. Is there an option to order a

That's terrible to hear, There are no replacement kits for this

#8 I’ve paired with mi Iphone, but until 5 minutes without using it
get off how can I change that?

When using after a few minutes of not being used it turns off is
that suppose to happen?