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Can they be used for swimming?

  • So no, they will not work when swimming laps. However, you can wear them in the pool, and they will still work. But once submerged in water, the touch sensors will stop the sound. Once out of water, they will still work. But they will not work swimming under water or swimming laps.

Mine seem to die very quickly. When they are in the case does the red light mean they are charging or not charging?

  • They are charging when both show red lights. Sometimes you have to close the case and reopen to check and make sure both red lights are on.

I see they're waterproof. But if i swim with them or wear them in the shower, can i hear the music/ sounds?

  • I have worn them in the shower and they worked great! Just make sure you don't charge them until they are dry

Do these have amicrophone in them? Aka can I make phone calls with them?

  • Yes microphone quality for calls is just ok but the sound quality for music playback is superb.

Can these be paired with multiple devices at the same time (ex. phone and laptop)?

  • Our JBL Endurance Peak can pair with multiple devices. However, it can only connect with one at a time.

Can I make a call by voice activation?

  • No, our JBL Endurance Peak doesn't have a voice command feature. However, it can be used for phone calls, and it automatically switches from stereo to mono when making or taking phone calls. Voice calls will only come through the right earpiece for a more natural call experience.

The light of the right ear just keeps blinking and will turn on it’s fully charged, what an I’m doing wrong ?

  • Make sure it is really fully charged. When placed in charging case do both red lights come on. I have to wiggle the right ear piece in the case sometimes to make sure the red light comes on. Only the right one. The left always comes on. Also check blue tooth connection.

Are they comfortable to sleep in?

  • They are comfortable as long as your ear isn‘t pressed into the pillow (i.e. not great if you sleep on your side, but fine sleeping facing up).

Do they work independently?

  • The right bud of your JBL Endurance PEAK can work independently since it’s the primary bud that connects to your source device like your phone. Meanwhile, the left bud is the secondary bud which connects to your right bud. The left bud won’t work without the right bud.


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JBL JBLENDURDIVEBAM Questions and Answers

Are these comfortable with a hat or a beanie on?
Yes they are not only comfortable with a hat, they stay in your
ears better than any wireless headphones I have tried. Very
good design.

Can it be used for calls? And if yes how is the quality with
Yes they can be used for calls. I have only used them a couple
of times but the quality has been excellent compared to my
other 2 pairs of bluetooth headphones.

I have trouble getting these to sit properly in the charger
box so they will charge. Is that typical or should I exchange
I dont ever have a problem with mine maybe something's
wrong with yours or maybe adjust the part that goes around
your ear good luck

How good is connectivity while running? I have had many
pairs (different company's) that will drop for 2 to 3 seconds
multiple times while jogging
Connectivity can go in and out at times but that's only if the
distance between your phone and the headphones is very long,
like a good few feet or so.

What does 28 hours of combined playback mean?
The headphones last about 4 to 5hrs and you can use the
charging box to rechsrgr headphones at least 6 times for a
total of 28hrs.. Not worth it imo.. I need my headphones to last
longer than that.

I bought a pair of these a couple years ago and after 2
months one side always had charging issues with
connection to the case. Is that fixed now?
Set the buds in the car and wiggle them a bit. You'll see the red
charging light come on. I leave my case open so I can verify
the charging continues.

If one ear bud is lost. Is there an option to order a
That's terrible to hear, There are no replacement kits for this

I’ve paired with mi Iphone, but until 5 minutes without using it
get off how can I change that?
When using after a few minutes of not being used it turns off is
that suppose to happen?



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