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Tub trim does not interfere with the door
Dishwasher is square and level at both the top and bottom of the cabinet opening,
with no twisting or distortion of the tub or door
All 4 legs of the dishwasher are firmly in contact with the floor
Drain hose is not pinched between the dishwasher and adjacent cabinets or walls
Tub trim is fully seated on the tub flange
Read and observe all WARNINGS and CAUTIONS
shown throughout these instructions.
IMPORTANT – Observe all governing codes and
Note to Installer – Be sure to leave these instructions
for the consumer’s and local inspector’s use.
Note to Consumer – Keep these instructions with
your Owner’s Manual for future reference.
Skill Level – Installation of this dishwasher requires
basic mechanical, electrical and plumbing skills. Proper
installation is the responsibility of the installer.
Product failure due to improper installation is not
covered under the GE Appliances Warranty. See
Warranty information.
Completion Time – 1 to 3 Hours. New installations
require more time than replacement installations.
IMPORTANT – The dishwasher MUST be installed to
allow for future removal from the enclosure if service is
Care should be exercised when the appliance is
installed or removed, to reduce the likelihood of
damage to the power supply cord.
If you received a damaged dishwasher, you should
immediately contact your dealer or builder.
Optional Accessories – See the Owner’s Manual for
available custom panel kits.
Your dishwasher is a water heating appliance.
31-4000211 Rev 2 10-20 GEA
Read these instructions completely and carefully.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, or injury to
persons, the installer must ensure that the dishwasher is
completely enclosed at the time of installation.
FOR PERSONAL SAFETY: Remove house fuse or open
circuit breaker before beginning installation. Do not use
an extension cord or adapter plug with this appliance.
The improper connection of the equipment grounding
conductor can result in a risk of electric shock. Check
with a qualified electrician or service representative if
you are in doubt that the appliance is properly grounded.
If house wiring is not 2-wire with ground, a ground
must be provided by the installer. When house wiring
is aluminum, be sure to use UL-Listed anti-oxidant
compound and aluminum-to-copper connectors.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, or injury to
persons, the installer should check to ensure that wires
are not pinched or damaged, the house wiring is attached
to the junction box bracket through a strain relief, and
all electrical connections made at the time of install (wire
nuts) are contained inside of the junction box cover.
Do not remove wood base until you are ready to install
the dishwasher. The dishwasher will tip over when the
door is opened if base is removed.
While performing installations described in this booklet,
gloves, safety glasses or goggles should be worn.
See your Owner’s Manual for details on how to contact us regarding installation questions
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