User Manual JBL Eon One Pro All-in-One, Battery-Powered, 7 Channel, Portable Linear-Array PA System, Soundbar

JBL Eon One Pro All-in-One, Battery-Powered, 7 Channel, Portable Linear-Array PA System, Soundbar - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Soundbar for JBL Eon One Pro 

Table of contents

  • Section 1: Important Safety Instructions 
  • Care & Cleaning
  • Section 2: Precautions
  • Section 3: EON ONE PRO System Declaration of Conformity
  • Section 4: Introduction to the EON ONE PRO System 
  • Getting Started
  • PA Basics 
  • Getting Acquainted with the EON ONE PRO Powered Mixer
  • Audio Inputs 
  • Mono Mic/Line Inputs 
  • Phantom Power Disclaimer
  • Stereo Inputs
  • Bluetooth Input
  • Audio Outputs 
  • USB Power Port
  • Section 5: Accessories 
  • Wheeled Bag
  • Section 6: System Specifications 
  • Section 7: Cables & Connectors
  • Section 8: Contact Information 
  • Section 9: Warranty Information


  • Remove the EON ONE PRO system from the carton.
  • Push the latch lever and lift the cover, then remove the spacers and column speaker array from the back of the unit.
  • Place spacers for the desired listening level, then attach the column speaker array.
  • Connect the female end of the power cable to the EON ONE PRO and plug the male end into a wall socket. Ensure the Power switch is turned off and the power LED is not lit. If using the unit's battery power feature, allow the unit to charge. The Battery Level meter will illuminate, indicating the unit is charging. The lithium- ion battery will take approximately 5 hours to fully charge, and the Battery Level meter will fully illuminate to indicate charging is complete.
  • Turn the MASTER VOLUME and CHANNEL VOLUME controls all the way to the left.
  • Make audio connections. Set the MIC/LINE buttons for the type of connections being made to each mono channel (XLR = mic, 1/4" phone = line). If connecting instruments with pickups, connect them to inputs 3 and 4 and enable the CH3+CH4 HI-Z button. If using condenser mics, first connect them to inputs 1 and/or 2. Then enable the CH1+CH2 PHANTOM button. See "Phantom Power Disclaimer" on page 10 for important information about using phantom power.
  • Turn the POWER switch to the “on” position. The POWER LED indicators on the front and back of the unit will illuminate to indicate power is turned on.

Set the Channel Volume controls to 12 o’clock.

  • Slowly turn the Master Volume control to the right until the desired volume is reached.
  • Fine tune the Channel Volume controls for the desired mix balance. If using Bluetooth audio streaming, adjust the Bluetooth streaming device's volume control to balance it with the other channels.
  • Add the finishing touches by adjusting the tone of each channel using the TREBLE and BASS controls. Enable and adjust the REVERB controls for any channels, such as vocals, which could use reverb.
  • Enjoy your audio!


  • The powered mixer section of the EON ONE PRO system houses the mixing board and power amplifier. Here, all of the microphones, musical instruments, and external sound sources (such as MP3 players, CD players, or Bluetooth audio sources) can be connected.
  • The MONITOR OUT RCA jacks provide a “Front-of-House” feed, which can be connected to recording devices or additional speakers (such as a powered personal monitor or another PA system). The PASS THRU output can be used to connect multiple EON ONE PRO line arrays together for increased sound output.


  • When using condenser microphones, +48V phantom power is required to be present at the contacts of the microphone (XLR) connector for the microphone to operate correctly. When phantom power is enabled, it is applied to both the CH1 and CH2 XLR inputs. Ensure that phantom power is off when not required.
  • To prevent damage to the EON ONE PRO or external devices when using condenser microphones, always turn down all EON ONE PRO output controls and ensure the +48V phantom power is off before connecting the microphone. Once the condenser microphone has been connected, enable the +48V phantom power, then raise the output controls to the desired levels.


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