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#1 Can you connect two wirelessly and put in different rooms? I am assuming stereo mode when paired would impact quality if far appart.

The recommended range between two connected PartyBox speakers would be five to six meters apart. Please note that this would be in an open area setting. The range can be affected if there are interferences from other wireless signals or blockages like walls.

#2 Does it have a subwoofer in it? How is the bass?

Our JBL PartyBox 310 does not have a subwoofer but has 2 6.5in (176mm) woofers and 2 2.5 in (65 mm) tweeters. The bass is good as it is powered by 240 watts of big JBL Pro Sound

#3 Can you pair it with the partybox 100

No. Our TWS (True Wireless Feature) feature works with the PartyBox of the same model, except for our PatyBox 200 and 300 which can be connected with each other. PartyBox 310 will only pair with another PartyBox 310.

#4 How long is the battery life played at full volume?

The default Music playtime of our JBL PartyBox 310 is 18 hours of battery life is only a reference value and may vary depending on the music content and battery age after numerous charging and discharging cycles. This runtime can be achieved with a predefined music source, deactivated light show, a volume of 18 and a Bluetooth streaming source.