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Hisense 55A7100F Questions and Answers

#1 What is your warranty on televisions?

Our warranty on our televisions is one-year parts and labour. If your unit is under 45” screen size, it is a carry-in warranty – and you’ll be required to take your unit into the nearest authorized service centre (we will provide this information to you when you reach out to our customer care team). If your TV is larger than 45” screen size, your unit will be serviced in-home. Please note, our warranty does not cover physical damage.

*Always open your new TV within 24 hours of purchasing it, even if it is a gift for someone.*
If you receive a TV with a damaged screen out of the box, please reach out to the retailer where it was purchased immediately. You may be asked to provide images. If a unit is damaged in shipping or while stored in a retailer’s warehouse, they are responsible for assisting you. Please note, screens cannot be repaired. If you wait too long after purchasing it, your warranty is void because it does not cover physical damage.

#2 Can I remove apps from my TV?

You can only remove (uninstall) apps that you downloaded to the TV. Factory-installed apps (such as Netflix, etc.) cannot be uninstalled. However, you can remove the TV from accounts for factory-installed apps. If you do, remember to contact the app service provider to let them know billing should be stopped.

#3 Can I listen to TV sound on my headphone and TV speakers simultaneously?

Headphones and TV speakers cannot trigger at the same time. Once the headphones are connected to the TV, TV speakers will be disabled, and the headphone audio will be enabled. The same can be said about using third party speakers or audio devices.

#4 What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and, in very simple terms, is a technology that enables a brighter and more vivid picture with accurate and more true-to-life colours.

#5 Why are there black bars on the top and bottom or on both sides of the picture?

Occasionally, black bars appear on the screen when a movie is playing because the aspect ratio of the movie doesn’t match the TV picture aspect ratio setting. To change the picture size on your TV, go into the Settings menu and change the Aspect Ratio.

Note: Cinemascope movies filmed in an anamorphic aspect ratio will display black bars on the tops and bottoms of all widescreen TVs.