Sony MSAC-FD1A Memory Stick Floppy Disk Adapter

User Manual - Page 9


PDF File Manual, 36 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

MSAC-FD1A photo
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Setting Up
Uninstalling driver
1 Click on [Start], set the cursor on [Settings] and click on
[Control Panel].
[Control Panel] window appears.
2 Double-click on [Add/Remove Programs].
[Add/Remove Programs Properties] appears.
3 If “Install/Uninstall” does not appear, click on the “Install/
Uninstall” tab.
The “Install/Uninstall” window then appears.
4 Select “Memory Stick/Floppy Disk Adaptor” and click on “Add/
The “Confirm File Deletion” dialog box appears.
5 Click on [Yes].
* For more detailed information on “Add/Remove Programs,” see Windows
on-line help.
If there is no icon in the task bar, the uninstallation is successful.
The adaptor can no longer be used after uninstall the software.
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