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Additional Information
Windows 95/98
IBM PC/AT compatible desktop computers
A 3.5 inch 1.44 MB floppy disk drive must be provided as standard.
Operating voltage
3.8 V – 6.6 V
Power consumption
85 mA (at 6V input)
Maximum outside dimensions
3.7 in. (length) × 0.14 in. (wide) × 3.54 in. (height) (94 × 3.45 × 90 mm)
Weight (approx.)
1.6 oz (45 g) (with batteries and without “Memory Stick”)
Operating conditions
Temperature: 41 °F to 131 °F (5 °C to 55 °C)
Humidity: 20 % to 80 % (no condensation)
Battery operating time (at room temperature)
Continuos read ........ 16 hours (approx.)
Continuous write ..... 12 hours (approx.)
(when Sony CR2016 batteries are used)
File access speeds (during use of 4MB “Memory Stick” and 500KB files)
File access speed (reading) ..... 15 seconds (approx.)
File access speed (writing) ..... 20 seconds (approx.)
The personal computer enviroment, size and number of files
performing transfer and state of data recorded on the “Memory Stick”
will cause slight changes in speed.
•We recommend that you use the optional PC card adaptor for Memory Stick,
MSAC-PC1/PC2, when you use a notebook computer.
•You can not use this floppy disk adaptor with Digital Mavica or Mavicap.
Design and spesifications are subject to change without notice.
Operations cannot be guaranteed for all computers running in the
recommended environment.