Sony MSAC-FD1A Memory Stick Floppy Disk Adapter

User Manual - Page 13


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Icons on task bar
For more detailed information on icons, see on-line help.
Icons on the task bar display adaptor and battery status.
* The status shown is that when the adaptor was most recently accessed.
z Memos
The icon does not change immediately after inserting the adaptor into the
floppy disk drive. The icon changes when the adaptor is accessed.
To show drive number and remaining battery charge, place the cursor on the
Status Monitor icon.
Formatting “Memory Stick”
The “Memory Stick Format” program must always be used when the
adaptor is used to format a “Memory Stick.”
For instructions on how to use the “Memory Stick Format” program, see
on-line help.
On-line help
To get on-line help, right-click on the icon in the task bar and then click on
[Help]. The on-line help window appears.
z Memo
Use on-line help for a detailed description of error messages.
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