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Sony MSAC-FD1A Memory Stick Floppy Disk Adapter - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Operating Instructions  Floppy Disk Adaptor for Memory Stick Sony MSAC-FD1A 

Table of Contents

  • Before You Begin
  • Check the items supplied
  • Setting Up
  • Installing lithium batteries
  • Installing driver
  • Uninstalling driver
  • Operation
  • Inserting “Memory Stick”
  • Using MSAC-FD1
  • Icons on task bar
  • Formatting “Memory Stick”
  • On-line help
  • Additional Information
  • Precautions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specifications

Installing lithium batteries

  1. Remove battery covers: Place the MSAC-FD1 on a flat surface. With your finger, press and hold the upper groove on the battery cover. Turn the battery cover counterclockwise until it clicks and then remove the battery cover.
  2. Insert batteries: Insert two new batteries into the battery wells, making sure that the plus sign faces upward.
  3. Replace the battery covers: After replacing the battery cover, press down and hold the upper groove with your finger and turn it clockwise until the mark is aligned with the arrow LOCK mark.


  • Do not carry the adaptor in your pocket or the like. It could be damaged when you sit down.
  • Do not use or store the adaptor in any area where it could be subject to strong static electricity or electrical emissions.
  • Always backup valuable data.
  • To protect the floppy disk drive, remove the adaptor from the drive when it is not in use.
  • Do not stick any label other than those specially provided onto the Memory Stick.”
  • While the adaptor is being accessed, never remove the adaptor from the floppy disk drive, never turn off computer power, and never bump or apply shock to the computer. Any of these moves could destroy data on the “Memory Stick.” (The “Memory Stick” can be used if reformatted but all the data on it will be lost.)
  • Do not touch the “Memory Stick” terminals with hands or with metal objects.
  • Do not allow foreign objects, dirt or dust to enter the “Memory Stick” insertion slot of the adaptor.


  • If there is any dirt on the outside surface of the adaptor, wipe it off with a clean, soft, dry cloth.
  • Keep the surface of the adaptor that contact the floppy disk drive head clean at all times. Wipe any dirt away with a clean, soft, dry cloth. If the contact surface gets dirty, floppy disk drive performance may deteriorate, or when a floppy disk is operated in the drive, the floppy disk will be scratched and its data will be lost.

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