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4 Trouble shooting
Appliance is not
Appliance is not cold
The compressor
starts and stops
LED lights do not
The appliance makes
a lot of noise
The door does
not close
Appliance is not plugged in.
Appliance is not turned on.
Check the voltage of the installation.
Check if the circuit breaker or the fuse has blown.
Check the temperature control setting.
Check if ambient temperature is beyond appliance
operating temperature.
The door is opened too frequently.
The door is not closed properly.
The door is not sealing properly.
Insufficient free space around the appliance.
The external temperature is high.
A large quantity of bottles has recently been put into
the cooler.
The appliance is opened frequently.
The door is not properly closed.
The cooler has not been correctly set.
The appliance is not plugged in.
The fuse has blown.
LED lights are broken.
The light switch is off.
Ensure that the appliance is level.
The ratting noise may come from the flow of the
refrigerant, which is normal.
At the end of a cooling cycle, you can hear the noise of
water circulating.
Expansion and contraction of the internal walls may cause
a cracking sound.
The appliance is not level.
Check if fan is in good condition.
The appliance is not level.
The door seal is dirty or damaged.
The shelves are not positioned correctly.
A part of the contents is preventing the door from