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1.5 Warnings related to placing items
Do not put flammable, explosive, volatile or highly corrosive items in the
cooler to prevent damages to the product or fire accidents.
Do not place flammable items near the cooler to avoid fires.
This product is a household cooler and this equipment can only be
used for the storage of wine. According to the standard requirements,
household coolers shall not be used for other purposes, such as
storage of blood, drugs or biological products.
1.6 Warnings for energy
1) The cooler might not operate consistently when placed for an extended period of time
below the cold end of the range of temperature for which the cooler appliance is
2) Do not exceed the storage time(s) recommended by the wine manufacturers for any
kind of wine.
3) Take the precautions necessary to prevent an undue rise in the temperature of the
wine while defrosting the cooler.
4) A rise in temperature of the wine during manual defrosting, maintenance or cleaning,
could shorten the wine storage life.
5) For refrigerators with doors or lids fitted with locks and keys, the keys must be kept out of the
reach of children and not in the vicinity of the cooler appliance, in order to prevent children from
being locked inside.