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User Manual - Page 25

For PWC436KS.

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2.6 Practical skill for wine storage
2.6.1 Do not store bottled wine inside the box or case in the refrigerator.
2.6.2 The cork of the bottle shall always be in contact with the wine when putting it into the cooler. Air space is not allowed
between wine and cork.
2.6.3 Open-type bottle shelf is helpful, as it does not cut off air circulation. The air moisture that condensed on bottle can be
dried out swiftly.
2.6.4 The wine shall be removed from the cooler before drinking: put pink wine on the table 2-5 hours before drinking and red
wine 4-5 hours, so they can reach their suitable serving temperature. White wine, on the contrary, can be served right on
the table. Champagne shall always be stored in the cooler and taken out just before drinking.
2.6.5 Please notice that wine’s temperature is always lower than ideal serving temp, as the temperature will immediately rise 1
to 2°C when pouring into the tumbler.
2.7 Serving temperature
The wines taste depends on the right pouring temperature; therefore, it determines its flavor.
We suggest the wines temperature reaching the following degree when pouring:
Wine Kind
Serving Temp
Bordeaux red
Louis Family dry wine/Barolo
Burgundy red/Bordeaux red
Young Burgundy red
Young red wine
Young Beaujolais/all white wines
with little residual sugar
Old white wines/Chardonnay
Young white wines from late vintage
White wines Loire/Entre-deux-Mers
2.8 Energy saving tips
The cooler shall be placed in a dry and ventilated room. The cooler cannot be put under direct
sunlight or next to heat sources (such as radiator, stove, etc.). A suitable insulation board shall be
applied if necessary.
Try to shorten opening time of cooler’s door.
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