Premium Levella PWC436KS Wine Cooler 43 Bottle

User Manual - Page 19

For PWC436KS.

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1.4 Use related warnings
Do not arbitrarily disassemble or reconstruct the cooler, not damage
the refrigerant circuit; maintenance of the appliance must be conducted
by a specialist.
Damaged power cords must be replaced by the manufacturer, its
maintenance department, or related professionals in order to avoid
The gaps between cooler door and cooler body are small, do not put your
hand in these areas to prevent from squeezing the fingers. Please be
gentle when closing or opening the cooler door to avoid falling articles.
Do not give the package and other components to children to play. The
bending board and plastic film may lead to suffocation! Do not allow
children to enter or climb the cooler to prevent children from being trapped
inside the cooler or injuries from a falling cooler.
Do not spray or wash the cooler; do not put the cooler in moist places
where it is easy to be splashed with water so as not to affect the electrical
insulation properties of the cooler.
Do not use cooler body, cooler door, etc., as pedal or support.
Do not place heavy objects on top of the cooler considering that objects
may fall when opening or closing the door, and accidental injuries might
be caused.
Please pull out of the plug in case of power failure or cleaning. Do not
connect the cooler to the power supply within five minutes to prevent
damages to the compressor.
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