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Washing your High Torque XL cleaner head
Don’t put your brush bar in a dishwasher,
washing machine, tumble dryer, oven,
microwave or near a naked flame.
Only use cold water to wash your brush bar
and don’t use any detergents.
Lift the red catch on the cleaner head to
release the brush bar.
Slide the brush bar out of the cleaner head.
Twist the end cap and remove it from the
brush bar. Don’t wash the end cap.
Hold your brush bar under cold tap water and
gently rub to remove any lint or dirt.
Stand the brush bar upright and leave to
dry completely. Make sure your brush bar is
completely dry before refitting.
The cleaner head housing is not washable and
should only be wiped over with a damp lint-free
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To maintain optimum performance, check and wash your
brush bar regularly.
Make sure your machine is disconnected from the charger
and take care not to touch the trigger.
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