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Looking for blockages
Your machine is fitted with an automatic cut-out.
If any part becomes blocked, the machine may
automatically cut out.
The motor will pulse and the LCD screen
will indicate that there is a blockage.
Be careful not to pull the power trigger
while looking for blockages.
Make sure any blockages are clear and all parts
are refitted before using your machine.
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Beware of sharp objects when checking for blockages.
Clearing blockages is not covered by your guarantee.
If you can’t clear an obstruction from the cleaner head, you may need to
remove the brush bar. Use a coin to unlock the fastener, slide the brush bar
out of the cleaner head and remove the obstruction. Replace the brush bar
and securely tighten the fastener.
Make sure it is fixed firmly before using your machine.
Your machine has carbon fibre brushes. Take care if coming into contact
with them, as they may cause minor skin irritation. Wash your hands after
handling the brushes.
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