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In the box
Vacuum cleaner main body
Some tools may not be included.
You can buy additional tools at Dyson.com
Combination tool
Two tools in one – brush
and wide nozzle. For simple
switching between tasks.
Mini motorize
d tool
The motori
ed brush bar
tackles hair and ground-in
dirt in tight spaces, like your
stairs or car.
Wand clip
ice tool
Designed for precise
cleaning around edges
and narrow gaps.
Charges your
vacuum with or
without the dock.
DockExtra-wide High Torque XL
cleaner head
12-inch wide High Torque XL
cleaner head with Dyson DLS
(Dynamic Load Sensor) system.
Covers more floor with each
sweep, for faster room cleaning.
Soft roller cleaner head
Engineered with soft woven
nylon and anti-static carbon
fibre, for hard floors.
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